Dave Schultz


Pictured with President Dave Bunde (Right)







January 2016

Members of Month



Tom Schultz, Tom Harnack, Brad King, Brad Amos, Rich Paulson, Dave Schultz, Brian Nelson, Ray Babcock, Dave Bunde

Marti Oeltjen, John Russell, Brian Dunagan, Bill Oswald, Rick Pettis, Scott Hurley, Bill Hall, Dave Bierly, Chris Bryne

Barb Payne, Gary Lawrence, Gary Wobig, mark Hill, Paul Bleimeyer, Mike Goodman, Troy King, Bridget Heublein

(Wild Game Feed Workers)



February 2016

Members of Month


Joe Waugh - Superbowl Party

Gary Wobig - Hand made Jewelry Boxes for Sweetheart Night

Donna Babcock - Prizes for Sweetheart Night (Not Pictured)

Pictured with President Dave Bunde (Right)



Members of Month


Firearms Safety Instructors

Gordy Swanson, Mark Hill, Ronn Carlson, Dave Schultz, Sue Bierly, Bill Oswald, Marti Oeltjen

Club Member Field Day Helpers

Ray Babcock, Rick Pettis, Roger Pettis, Tom Schultz, Joe Schultz, Mike Fitzpatrick, Joe Bauman

Non Member Field Day Helpers

Susan Oeltjen (Cooking Lunch)

Jonathan Swanson (Gordy's Son)



April 2015

Member of Month

100 Club Workers

Tim Malone, Joe Waugh, Dave Bunde, Dave Schultz, Brian Malone, John Hueblin

Lisa Malone, Brad Malone, Brad Prasil, Tom Schultz, Brian Nelson



May 2015

Member of Month


Clean Up Workers

Tom Lofgren, Tom Schultz, Dave Schultz, Brian Nelson

Mark Hill, Ray Babcock, Brian Dunagan, Dave Bunde


June 2015

Members of Month



   John Russell, Tom Lofgren, Mark Hill, Ronn Carlson (Not Pictured)

Pictured with President Dave Bunde


July 2015

Member of Month

July Fund Raiser Workers

Tom Schultz, John Russell, Dave Bunde, Tom Harnack, John Landrum

Mike Fabel, Dave Schultz, Brian Dunagan, Brad Prasil, Ray Babcock, Austin Dunagan



August 2015

Member of Month


Club Pest Control

Brett Taylor



September 2015

Member of Month


Trap House Renovation

Chris Byrne, John Russell, Dave Bunde, Brian Dunagan

(Not Pictured) Mark Hill, Ray Babcock



October 2015

Members of Month

Cooks for PHU Banquet

Tom Schultz, Joe Schultz, Brian Nelson, Bill Oswald

Dave Schultz, Dave Bunde, Chris Byrne, Deena Julson



November 2015

Member of Month


Butchering Pheasants for Game Feed

Joe Bauman, Brad Amos

Pictured with President Dave Bunde (Center)



December 2015

Member of Month


Replacing Ceiling Fans

Dave Johnson

Pictured with President Dave Bunde (Right)





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February 2015 Members of the Month

Ray Babcock - Prizes for Sweetheart Night

Brian Malone, Dave Bierly, Mark Hill, Gary Lawrence, Tim Malone - Cooks for Sweetheart Night